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Geez, it has.

Sorry for disappearing off the face of the Earth. I really don't have any good excuses. ^^;

But I'm going to actually try and be on here a bit more. 

For those who I watch, I'm sorry if you just get a bunch of favorites and not many comments. There are a ton and a half of messages to go through, and unfortunately, I might have to delete some just because there are so many.

Short journal, because I don't have much to write... Sorry.

Have a great day!
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I don't have much of a bio; I'm just someone who would love to (very much) improve my art and literature. :3


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  “Did you take the painkillers?” Asked a green Falleen as he looked in the refresher’s mirror and untying the band that was tightly securing his long black hair on the top of his head. Glancing to the side of the mirror, he could catch just a glimpse of the human female sitting tiredly on the end of his bed.

  The young woman stifled a yawn and plucked a piece of lint off the old blue tank top she wore. “Considering you practically shoved them down my throat, yep.” She grumbled, “You do know I don’t actually need them, Spits.”

  He snorted and let his hair down. “Both Kitt and I disagree, I saw you wincing yesterday when you were helping bring in the new shipment and she could feel your pain through the Force.” Clicking the light off in the refresher, he stepped out and walked over to her, laying a hand on her head. “Your arm clearly hasn’t fully healed.”

  Grabbing his wrist with her left hand- with a much slower reaction time than normal, he noticed- she removed his hand from her head and he let it drop to his side. Standing, she glared up at him and he grinned back down at her, only being a handful of centimeters taller then her.

  “I’m just being the concerned one, Shavani, kind of like how you were concerned for me when I got hurt.”

  She let out a slow and irritated sigh, running her tongue across the front of her teeth before replying. “I appreciate the sentiment, but the only way I'm going to stop being in pain is if I actually use it. The med droid said I need physical therapy to strengthen the muscles, so yeah, it's going to be a little painful while it heals, di'kut.”

  “I realize that, but the boxes you chose to pick up were heavy. You can't over-exert yourself, it'll heal wrong, and here's a thought that will scare you, you'll have to see a medic for PT.” He admonished her and dropped his smile. “That means you would actually have to ask for help.”

  She continued staring up at him in irritation.

  “Shav'ika, you're a stubborn, prideful idiot who's an absolute pain in the rear. But I would be at fault if I let your kriffing pride get in the way of me taking care of you. I know you don't have the greatest confidence in anyone. But at least have a little trust in me that I'm making a good decision in keeping you on the painkillers a little longer, and that you shouldn't be carrying fifty pound boxes.”  He laid his hand on the side of her face, letting a couple fingers rest underneath her jaw. She blinked in surprise and jerked her head back slightly at the unexpected touch, but let him leave his hand there.

  That surprised him.

  He looked into her dark hazel eyes, waiting for her reply.

  The silence dragged on, and he wondered whether she was mulling over it or deciding the slowest way to dismember him.

  She took in a slow breath before responding, “Fine, Spits. I'll carry lighter boxes next time.”

  Elated, he rested his other hand under her jaw and tilted her head up, kissing her quickly before her hands came up and yanked his hands down.

  It was a small victory, but lighter boxes would help strengthen her arm and not cause her to be so tired and sore at the end of the night.

  “You're grinning like an idiot,” she said with a raised eyebrow and small smile.

  “You said yes. You hardly ever say yes, especially when I'm being- what you consider- mushy.” Spits grinned.

  “I was feeling pity for you and your ugly mug. You look downright hideous without your osik smile.”

  “This 'osik' smile is what made you fall in love with me.”

  She gave a small huff of laughter and smiled. “Mmm, sure.” She yawned.

  “Whoa, and I have the last word? One of Coruscant's moons must be full.” He said as he placed his hands on her shoulders and led her to her side of the bed.

  “K'uur gar shabla chakaar. I think your ancestors are crying from that horribly sad attempt at humor.”  She snorted, letting him gently push her down onto the bed before lightly pushing him away and laying down, pulling the covers up and over her shoulders.

  “I think they're celebrating that I used some old, hip lingo in a classy fashion.” Not even bothering to walk around to his side, he stepped onto the bed and over her before settling down under the sheets alongside her.

  “I doubt it, and now you've ruined my blankets. There's cold air coming in now.”

  “Sorry your highness.” He chuckled, sitting up and leaning over her to fix the blankets, but froze midway as her lips pressed against his jaw. “Oh.”

  Shavani pulled back and rested on her right elbow, a slight blush and smiled graced her face. “You may continue fixing your mess.”

  Clearing his throat, he finished fixing the blankets and laid back down. “I really wasn't expecting that.” He said with raised eyebrows, watching her lay back down and snuggle under the blankets.

  She yawned again and flicked off the lights, hiding the light pink blush still coloring the bridge of her nose and top part of her cheeks. “Good, I wanted it to be a surprise.” She replied, turning on her side with her back to Spits.

  He slid closer to her, resting his arm across her midsection and pulling her up against his chest, her head under his chin. “You did good then,” he whispered and kissed the top of her head.

  The quiet hum of the fan and her gentle breathing soon soothed the young Falleen to sleep.
Star Wars- By My Side
I haven't really written anything since like... 2013
Yeah, I'm so sorry if this came out absolutely terrible. x-x

In case anyone remembers my old OC Shavani Dray, guess what? She's got a.. boyfriend? She hasn't officially said he is. x3

But yes, Spits is a Falleen. He's a merchant, but not like your local grocer, he sells more of the illegal item variety.

This is only a recent happening, about last year Spits kinda popped up and became a thing with Shavani. :shrug: I used to have a character named Jo'shay for her, but he was taken by someone else. (One of Redfeathyrs's OCs.)

For those who don't know Shavani Dray, she's a Mandalorian bounty hunter during the Legacy of the Force-Fate of the Jedi era. There's a lot of backstory on this girl, but she's one of my first OCs ever, and only now am I starting to tweak and fix some parts about her and her back story. (I think I was like 12 or 13 when I made her, so I didn't know about Mary-Sue stuff and such and forth.)
But I don't think I'll change much since I love her grumpy, irritated attitude.

Shavani also has a blind Jedi friend named Kitt Farr (Redfeathyrs's OC). :party: Just so you know...

Got any questions about these people, feel free to ask. It might actually help me getting the creative thoughts working. 

Spits & Shavani Dray (c) SleepyIguana

Kitt Farr (c) Redfeathyrs

Star Wars (c) LucasFilm/Disney

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